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Health Benefits About Live Music

Going out to see live music is good for your health. But don't just take our word for it. There is actually some science to back this up. According to US News and World Report, going to concerts and listening to live music is good for your health. We all love hanging out with our friends having a good time, but how awesome is it that there is scientific proof that shows it improves your health. Check out the reasons live music could help you live a better life.

Stress Reduction

A study done by the Imperial College London (now that's official, right?) found the cortisol levels of participants dropped after listening to live music. What is cortisol you ask? It is the primary hormone involved in stress and the fight-or-flight response. It is your natural and protective response to a perceived threat or danger. Chronically increased cortisol levels increased result in a stressed body, suppressed growth processes, suppressed digestive system, suppressed reproductive system, and suppressed immune system response. Attending live music events leads to decreased heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate.

Movement = Exercise

Dancing the night away to your favorite tunes is probably one of the most fun ways to get in your daily exercise. Additionally, your diaphragm gets involved when you sing along. Sure beats a boring 30-minute treadmill session in our opinion!

Pain Relief

Some studies have shown that patients who listen to music before and after surgical procedures experience lower levels of pain. The excitement of experiencing live music releases endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that block pain. Therefore listening to music that you love could increase your pain threshold.

Connecting With Your Community

Going out to listen to live music with others is a positive communal activity. This position affects your outlook on life and therefore longevity.

Personal Reflection

Listening to your favorite tunes gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself and reflect on your life. We associate music with times and experiences and emotions. The thrill of the music helps you relieve joy, innocence, strength, regret, sadness, happiness. When you experience all these feelings, seeing live music is like a therapy session.

Increases Well-Being

Countless studies have linked listening and experiencing live music events to increased well-being. It improves your mental, physical and emotional state. Sounds like an overall winning situation!

Looking to increase your well-being, get in a bit of exercise, all while chilling out with your best friends? Head to O'Loughlin's and check out our live music. You'll be happier, healthier, and live longer!